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Althea's profile

Post by Guest on Sun Oct 31, 2010 11:43 am

Name: Althea


Gender: Female

Species: Lampad

Sponsor: Hades & Persephone

Personality: Quick tempered, she has a silver tongue, and won't hesitate to lash out at people. Sometimes childish, she has a kind side to her....
in other words, she is a tsundere 8D

History: Althea was always a rebellious lampad, defying Hecate to the very end. However, she was incredibly loyal to Lord Hades, watching over Lady Persephone while the two were apart.
For a long time, she was happy, and had a good life.

Unfortunately, life is roller coaster. While on Earth, she was attacked by a group of men. The leader was exceptionally strong, and in order to save herself, Althea was forced to kill them all.

Once again, Lady Luck was not on her side. The leader had been the son of Zeus (one of many), and Zeus did not take his death lightly. Ready to strike, Hera was the one who saved Althea (probably cause the kid wasn't hers). She let the girl go, but not without punishment.

Althea was no longer allowed to be on the Earth at the same time as Lady Persephone.
While this was not the worst punishment, Althea was hurt. She loved the Earth, and the fact that she had little time to see it each year was painful.

Buuuuut (cause there is always a but), there was a catch. If she participated in the Athenaeum of War, she would be allowed to say on Earth.


Preferred Weapon: Althea is weak, having never trained much. She relies mainly on her magic, which is quite strong.

If she does have to fight, she has two weapons that she uses:

Stygian- Her sword, which she treats like her child. She treasures it, although she doesn't use it often. Usually left in her room. Named after the River Styx.

Whip- Althea has a whip Lol, no, but she does use it more often than her sword. When used, it is covered in flames, burning anything it touches.

Ability: Ability to bend fire to her will.... imagine Zuko in Avatar XDDD

To put it into more detail, she is able to control the fire to bend any which way she wants. She could use it as a weapon, or as a shield. However, if she loses control of it, then there is no stopping the flames with magic.

- Fighting: Swords and Daggers
- Fighting: Hand-to-Hand
- Magic: Fire
- Magic: Healing
- Mythology and History
- Rituals and Templeworks

Roommate: Helene


- Her outfit is a mix of Oriental, and Greek fashion. While I incorporated Japanese styles into her clothing, I made sure to keep the Greek evident. The white robe is made of the same material that Greek robes were made of, and the gold medallion on her waist is also of the Greeks.
And if you say that isn't possible, then I say the Silk Roads D<
(pffft, who am I kidding, the Silk Roads were around Roman time XDDD)

- After her little mix up, she does not form relationships easily. Although she may like a guy, she will have issues with commitment.

- She can't cook or clean. Her version of cleaning is setting anything that is dirty on fire....

- She is tsundere.

- She has no sense of direction. She gets lost so easily 8D
If her room was literally across from the bathroom, she would end up on the other side of the building looking for it XD

- As her power increases, her hair will get more wild. Vice versa, if her power weakens, her hair will become short and straight.


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Re: Althea's profile

Post by Guest on Sun Oct 31, 2010 3:14 pm

Pff..her roomate is Helene...As I read her bio,I got the feeling that 'll fight a lot XD

H:Hello...*confused*Althea?!I am your roomate.*smile*


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Re: Althea's profile

Post by Achlys Adonia Argyris on Sun Oct 31, 2010 3:16 pm

Hello there, Welcome to the Athenaeum. *bows*

~This is wanting something; this is reaching for it. This is wishing that a moment would arrive. This is taking chances, this is almost touching what the beauty is.~

For those who haven't met Damien (Addi's water puppet), this is what he looks like (possibly... not necessarily finalized yet Wink )
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Re: Althea's profile

Post by Guest on Sun Oct 31, 2010 11:49 pm

Althea: Yeah.... and what of it =A= You gonna stand there, or are you gonna help me with my bags D<
Hello ^^

wtf, Althea >___>
why are you bipolar >___>
You were not supposed to be bipolar >____>


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Re: Althea's profile

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