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Anemone's profile

Post by Guest on Sat May 08, 2010 6:07 pm

I'm bored :L
Plus if I don't do this now, I probably never will >.<

Name: Anemone (apparently the name of some nymph... and some plant in the sea XD)

Age: 16

Gender: Female (No der, if you haven't noticed, she has breasts :L)

Species: Naiad

Sponsor: Poseiden and Amphitrite (<3)

Personality: Anemone has a very calm, sorta meanish personality. She does not talk much, and stays away from everyone else. She stays isolated whereever there is water, and only leaves for classes, or if she needs something.

Bio: Anemone is the spirit of a lake... or she was. It has long been destroyed, the last bit of magic from it saved in a the bottle she is always carrying around. One of Zues and Hera's children had one day been playing by her lake. He had been annoying her, so she pushed him in. However, he could not swim, and it was too late when she finally realized. Hera punished her by turning her into a human for a few days, until a lesser god sacrificed his life to turn her back into a Naiad. With her lake gone, Anemone almost died, but Poseiden saved her, using his magic to preserve the last bit of water left. She now lives with Poseiden and Amphitrite, working on small chores around the kingdom.

Preferred Weapon: Anything long, usually a spear, although Poseiden gave her a trident to use (she keeps it locked away as a treasured item from the gods)

Ability: Unknown... she hasn't really figured it out yet ,since all she does is play in water -.-;;;;

-Rituals and Temple Works
-Fighting: Spears and Axes
-Fighting: Archery
-Magic: Water
-Mathematics (she is a nerrrd :L)


Extra: She has three different forms.... well, more like 2, one for in the water, one for out of the water....and then also when she is wearing clothes. She doesn't actually really wear clothes ever, but MAGICALLY her hair is long enough that it censors her XD She also doesn't speak a lot, and when she does talk, she keeps it as short as possible. She doesn't venture away from places with water. You touch that bottle, you die .___.
Favorite activity during her days off are sitting in a tub and playing with the bubbles.

this was all copy and pasted from DA XD

FFFFF, this picture will change when I draw a new one XD
I should go actually draw something now .__.

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Re: Anemone's profile

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 21, 2010 6:41 pm

Hi, I'm your mentor Anastasia.


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