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Post by Kai on Thu Jan 06, 2011 8:34 pm


Name: Kai Fotia
Age: 16 (2nd year)
Gender: Female
Species: Charis
Sponsor: Hestia

Kai has many complexes from her past. She doesn't like to talk to people much, but will talk to Pegasi because she feels they share her love of flying. The thing she hatest he most is fire and the thing she loves the most is fire. In a way it has both destroyed and created her, she was reborn through fire and can't help but love Hestia who gave her a second chance. Though she doesn't like Aphrodite because she feels abondoned by her, she doesn't talk to the other Charites much.

She was born in the mortal world to a Charis and a mortal man. Her mother died when she was born as punishment for falling in love and having a child wiht someone Aphrodite didn't approve of. Her father was not the best man in the world, or by any means have good morals. He sold Kai to a traveling circus when she was small, he was paid well because of her Charis blood she has wings and beautiful strangly colored eyes. They gave her the show-name of Phoenix for her flame colored wings, and she was taught how to juggle fire. At this time she didn't know about her ability to control fire (fire magic) her only option was to perform.

When she was 14 she burned down the circus while a show was going on. She lighted the fire by accident, but her hate for everyone in the tent stoked the flames. Only three people died, only one of which she cared about, a boy named Jack who had taught her how to throw knives, the sun she wears on her dress was a gift from him. Aphrodite abandoned hope in the Phoenix then, she had killed the only boy she had ever had feelings for. She has scars along her back from the fire, and on the inside of her left arm/hand. This is also why her hair is in this style, it's long in the front because she has to look pretty, but short in the back so there's less room for accidents, no one likes the smell of burning hair.

She lived on the street for a year learning how to steal and hide. Hestia saw this and took pity on her. She told her about a better place and gave her the choice to go with her. When Hestia asked her what her name was she replied "Kai Fotia", 'fotia' being one of the words for fire in Greek, something Kai didn't know but istinctivly KNEW.

Preferred Weapon: anything she can throw (she's good with her hands after learning to juggle so well) but especially knives.

Fighting - Swords & Daggers
Fighting - Hand-to-Hand
Magic - Fire
Battle Strategy
Rituals & Tample Works

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