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Post by Guest on Sat May 08, 2010 3:11 pm

Hey guys! My username on DA is HKTaylor12.

Hi I'm Azurith, I'm a first year. . As you can see, I have white hair, electric blue eyes and a very light skin tone. I am a neried. Let me know if you would like to roleplay!

Name: Azurith
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Species: Neried
Sponsor: Hestia
Roommate: Shayla
She is submissive-hedonistic, oh just look here [link] under submissive-hedonistic.
For those of you who have read the Mortal Instuments, kind of like Isabelle. So yah She's pretty much Annabeth and Isabelle combined, smart, funny, serious at times, but also kind of like a guy magnet, see abilities.

Prefered Weapon: Her shapeshifting snake bracelet that turns into either a spear or bow and arrow.

Ability: Some water and plant magic. She also is attractive and is able to get almost anyone to be attracted to her.

-Rituals and Temple Works
-Fighting: Spears and Axes
-Fighting: Archery
-Magic: Water
-Magic: Earth
-Battle Strategy

Roomate: Idk

Appearance: She is about 5' 1", 110 pounds, she has white hair, electric blue eyes, very light skin tone. Well, she's definitely is an attractive female (if you can't tell, then get yoself some glasses.) She always wears a black toga. She tends to wear her hair either down like in the picture, in a braid or the sides pulled back (she usually ties it up in different colored ribbons with some flowers weaved in or something.) That little golden bracelet really was only to add some color (cause she was quite plain) but i'm thinking it's probably gonna turn into her spear.

Her history:
I'm not sure yet. I may write a story on somethin'. affraid confused

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