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Phrixos Profile

Post by Guest on Sat Jan 15, 2011 4:47 am

Ugh -it was either too huge or too small. And since I didn't want to do the too huge one - here's the too small one.

Go look on DA it's much better

Name: Phrixos

Age: 15

Gender: Male (though I seem to make all of my Nephelae waay to effeminate… and Phrix is no exception)

Species: Nephelae

Sponsor: Zeus

Personality: In a word – he’s a jerk – but it’s not really his fault – that’s what his father raised him to be. After Kal’s ‘defection’ his father’s pride and status among the nephelae suffered quite a bit. So with his next son, Dion was determined to see that the same mistake did not happen again. Dion’s training was harsh and his words even harsher and more manipulative – shaping Phrixos’ world exactly the way Dion wanted it. And Phrixos (like most normal young children), just wanted to make his father happy, so he did his best to please him. The result was that Phrixos grew into a cold, calculating, arrogant and prideful person who never accepts anything less than perfection, from himself and those around him. He sees most situations, relationships, and tasks as challenges to be overcome. For example he sees seducing women as nothing more than a task to prove his superiority, not because he’s looking for a relationship.

He treats those he sees as inferior (basically everyone) as a range from outright ignoring them to actively talking down to them depending on how much he ‘likes’ them (likes being a generous term). To the few people he respects (His father, Zeus) he treats them with the utmost reverence and deference, but it’s rare that he does.

He absolutely loathes Tahi and Kal. Tahi he sees as a spoiled, lazy and indulged mutt, who has been babied by the easy life she’s gotten. Kal he sees as the betrayer – a disgrace to the nephelae species – and weak. But deep down he’s also jealous of Tahi, and hates Kal for not saving him.
And although he’s very arrogant and believes himself to be superior to most everyone, he’s also hiding the shame that he has mixed blood. His mother was a charis (Fire dominant), which isn’t as bad as say a HUMAN mother like Tahi, but he’s still not a full blooded nepheale. This means that his wanderlust isn’t as bad as Kal’s but it also means that he has fire in him. He has a great temper and potential for passion – but that’s so against the nature of creatures of the wind, that to show that side would be admitting his own mixed blood – so he works actively to suppress that side of him.

History: Phrioxs was born out of an affair his father Dion – a high ranking nephleae general of Zeus’ and a fire Charis named Bellanca. Though Dion wasn’t really seeking more children, what happened happened, and he and Bellanca agreed that if the child was a girl Bellanca would keep her, and if the child was a boy Dion would take him. As it turned out, Bellanca had twins, one boy and one girl – Phrixos, who took after his father – but with some of his mother’s coloring, and Myrina, a charis like her mother – but with her father’s bright white eyes. As soon as they were old enough the twins were separated, Phrixos to become a warrior with his father, Myrina to do… whatever charites do… with the agreement that once every year Bellanca could visit her son and Myrina could play with her brother (currently Myrina still lives with Bellanca and the other charites. She was not chosen for the athenaeum, nor would she want to fight – she’s a total pacifist, and rather naïve. She’s one of the few people Phrixos has a weakness for. He’s a totally different person when he’s with her. His sister’s yearly visits are the only things keeping him from becoming a total jerk).

So over the years Dion trained Phrixos to be his successor and everything Kal was not (Dion never knew Tahi existed until she was at the Athenaeum, and even then she’s a girl – and thus useless to him, so Dion never really cared about Tahi nor did he mention her when training Phrixos). Specifically since Kal refused to pick up a sword after seeing his mother impaled upon one, Dion specifically emphasized swordsmanship until Phrixos was nearly a master with the blade. However – his brother’s greatest strength is also Phrixos’ greatest shortcoming. Phrixos’ magic is very very weak, and he’s only capable of transport grade wind magic. He has yet to master neither the battle nor the reconnaissance aspects of wind magic, much to his own frustration, and to his father’s embarrassment. Though Phrixos doesn’t know it yet – this is due to his suppression of his dual nature, and his refusal to accept the fire within him as well as the wind.

Finally, when he came of age – as expected he joined the Athenaeum as a warrior for Zeus – in the hope of winning the tournament and surpassing both of his siblings (Kal placed second and Tahi placed third).

Meanwhile Kal had his hands full with Tahi while Phrixos was growing up, and even before he had Tahi, he’d already renounced his father, and by doing so, all of Zeus’ nephleae (which was most of them). He didn’t have any contact with his father or his people and so really didn’t have any idea that Phrixos and Myrina were born until it was too late for Phrixos – and Phrixos’ mind was already poisoned against him. Right before Phrixos turned 15 Kal caught up with him, and offered him a choice, saying that Hestia would stand up for him, but Phrixos refused – and they had a huge fight. Kal feels guilty for not knowing about Phrixos and not saving him. Tahi doesn’t know about him – YET. Kal hasn’t figured out how to tell her. Kal and Myrina actually have a good relationship, and he visits her every so often when he disappears. Again – Tahi doesn’t know she exists, because to explain Myrnia would be to explain Phrixos, which Kal won’t do.
Preferred Weapon: Swords/Daggers. He’s also a decent archer, but is not muscular enough to be good at hand to hand, and his magic is (currently) basically useless.
Ability: (currently blocked) Wind Magic (major) and Fire Magic (minor). Only really good at transport wind magic not battle (like Kal) or reconnaissance (like Tahi).

Swords and Daggers
Wind Magic (he hates this class because of the teacher)
Fire Magic (he hates this class because he refuses to accept his own magic – but he didn’t want to take healing – that’s for girls)
Battle Strategy
Rituals and Temple Works

More Notes: Myrina (said like marina) is an NPC that will be mentioned off and on UNLESS someone wants to play her – which I’m also open to – just don’t do so without asking me first, ‘kay? Currently she’s not at the Athenaeum, but if someone wants to play her that could change.
There are parts mentioned here in his bio that your character may not know – so don’t act like they do, unless they’re particularly good at eavesdropping magic like Tahi is. Phrixos tends to keep to himself, and he’s not the most social. Like the fact that his magic is evading him because he won’t accept the fire part of his nature.
His design was meant to look boyish – because he’s still only fifteen. He’ll grow up eventually but for now he’s a youngin’

So tell me what you think~


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Re: Phrixos Profile

Post by Guest on Sat Jan 15, 2011 4:58 am

Added him to the 1st years. RAINBOW BUMMIE
Sorry I'm keeping this comment short, working on sprites. Oh noes!



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Re: Phrixos Profile

Post by Eos on Sat Jan 15, 2011 1:33 pm

I like him he's a cutie, his personality leaves something to be desired... I know, I'll beat some kindness into him *evillaughter*

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Re: Phrixos Profile

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