The Tournament Ring - Setting

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The Tournament Ring - Setting

Post by Mnemosyne on Tue May 18, 2010 12:28 pm

The Tournament Ring is the closest you could get to practicing for the actual Tournament. Even thought the ring on Olympus is much, much greater and fancier, the one on the Athenaeum is in principle the smaller and more simplified version.

There is the circular ground made of dry dirt and sand for the Warriors to fight in. It is of quite a large diameter and gives plenty of room for the Warriors to fight, but it is completely bare. Around the fighting ground tower the seats. The benches for spectators are built in a circle and made out of white marble. There are four rows all around that could seat any occupant of the Athenaeum. See it as a far smaller Colosseum, with four entrances and special seating for the Mentors.

The Ring can be used for formal and organized tournaments meant to prepare the Warriors for what to come, but it's also free for an informal fight between Warriors who have challenged each other. It is open for watching at any given time and sometimes the Mentors will also pull a demonstration.

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