The Temple - Setting

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The Temple - Setting

Post by Mnemosyne on Thu May 20, 2010 8:54 pm

The Temple is the one structure that could rival the beauty of the extravagant Bathhouse. The Temple is, in fact, multiple temples in one. Fourteen temples to be exact. It starts with the Pronaos, a porch in the front with beautifully crafted pillars and the even more beautiful roof that they hold up. The structure is entirely white except for the Tympanon which is coloured red and the Metope which has white and blue squares. Also on the Pronaos is a separate altar for animal sacrifices and anything that is too messy for the inside altar.

After this you enter a very large room large enough to function as a classroom for Mnemosyne as well as to house the whole Athenaeum on formal occasions. There are many stone benches that will house the Warriors, and a few fancier benches up front for the Mentors. Then there's a stone altar with a large golden bowl for ceremonial fire and libations. On the walls are busts of the thirteen gods engraved on the walls, using the most common appearances of the deities. Underneath each bust is an open doorway toward the secluded temples to each deity.

Inside the smaller and specific temples is one large statue of the deity. There is another altar with a golden bowl decorated with images of the deity as well as a place to light incense. The walls are bare except for the deity's symbol on the very back wall behind the statue. These are places for the Warriors and Mentors to pray. It is considered rude for a Warrior to enter the temple of a God that is <i>not</i> sponsoring them without having a very good reason however, since the Warriors would be entering a personal and sacred place of a God that might see them as the enemy. Some Gods are more tolerant of this than others however.

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