Still waters

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Still waters

Post by Guest on Sun Jun 19, 2011 2:01 pm

Genjo walked towards his destination with clear intent but a serene smile played on his face. He had walked around the perimeter of the lake already twice in thought, his hands in front of his stomach as he walked and enjoyed the calm and peace that came with being so close to nature. He remembered the the temple in the mountains had such luscious, verdant gardens that the monks would relax, exercise and meditate. Such memories were old but still as clear in his mind as if he had been their just yesterday.

Finally he found the spot that he had decided was the perfect place to rest around half way through his second walk around the expansive lake. It was a large, flat rock, smoothed by nature and sat ontop of a rather small mound of grass; the hill was still large enough to enjoy a view of the water and the fields if he chose to look the other way. Upon reaching the stone, taking care to avoid the flowers, he took off his shoes to place them neatly to the side, with his calf bandages being taken off also to be rolled up and placed inside his shoes. Genjo sat upon the rock and shifted himself into the center before assuming the lotus position with his hands resting on his lap.

((Still getting into this RP, i'm whoring out Genjo as my RP gineau pig xD ))


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