The Vikings den

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The Vikings den

Post by Guest on Tue May 03, 2011 6:20 pm

Very plain.

At the left side of the room, there lay the vikings bed which was covered in soft looking animal pelts instead of the sheets that reeked of greek. After having disposed of the blankets and sheets, the viking had to scrub his hands vigorously to get rid of the foreign taint.

He had a shelf, a very small shelf that was home to various clay pots and bowls which were used to store anything the viking had on him and most of the objects were handmade. In the bowls there was jewellery, carved bone combs and precious metals and rocks turned into little statuettes and figures of whatever was in his head at the time.

Under his bed lie the parchment he used for his sketches.
The sketches were best left under his bed since the graphic horror of such drawings would make anyone feel ill.

On his door were warding runes. He wasn't very religious or suspicious but ever since being dragged here unwillingley he liked to have that little extra bit of protection.

He also had weapons, which is no surprise. They were leaning against the wall and smaller weapons like daggers which even though Bjorn hardly used them, were still in good condition. They were still weapons after all and needed to be treated with respect....All except arrows and bows...he hated the crafty buggers.



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