Ashlyne aka Ash

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Ashlyne aka Ash

Post by Guest on Fri Oct 15, 2010 4:17 pm

Name: Ashylin but prefers Ash

Age: 15

Height: 5'0ft

Haircolor: Light blue with indigo tips (Like like Ama)

Eye color: Violet

Personality: Ash is rather sweet but an extremely curious ball of energy. She's always looking for answers to her millions of questions and gets upset when she doesnt get her answer. Shes rather lovable and kind to anyone she meets. Loves to do whats right even if it means sacrificing her happiness for another.

History: A princess of the a tribe in the siren race, she is very beautiful just like her big Queenie sister Ama. Always wanting to grow up to be just like her to a T. When Amaranth left, Ash was devastated, she was only 4 at the time but loved her big sister dearly and yet sadly had to stay behind. Ash grew up training herself hard , her skills being recognized by Ares the god of war. One day came to her and asked her to be a warrior for him giving her the chance to be with her older sister Amaranth once more who is a mentor at the academy. Ash jumped at the opportunity.

Primary weapon: Ribbon Whip that is Razor Sharp

Secondary weapon: dagger

Abilities: Sedative Voice, mastery over water magic, and slightly superior physical strength.

She is the baby out of the seven sisters of Amaranth

Fighting - Whips
Fighting - Swords and Daggers
Magic - Water
Mythology and History
Rituals and Temple Work


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Re: Ashlyne aka Ash

Post by Achlys Adonia Argyris on Fri Oct 15, 2010 9:12 pm

She's so cute! X3

~This is wanting something; this is reaching for it. This is wishing that a moment would arrive. This is taking chances, this is almost touching what the beauty is.~

For those who haven't met Damien (Addi's water puppet), this is what he looks like (possibly... not necessarily finalized yet Wink )
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