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Name: Jace
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Species: Nephalae
Sponsor: Hermes
Sarcastic, he enjoys annoying people. For some, strange reason. I don't know. He can be sweet though, at times, when he's not to lazy to do so. He's a fighter, any chance he gets he takes. Fortunately, he like i said can be sweet and kind. He likes to make people laugh. He's got a temper.

History: His father thought he was weak. He felt, no son of his should be that way, at all. His father would beat him senseless. One day, he took it a little to far.

Jace went into a coma. After several months, he woke up, they taught him how to walk and do everything he should be able to do. He may have recovered, but his memory didn't.

He decided to take up swordsfighting. He had no interest in books.

He never really acted the way he was before, he felt hurt, broken. He took out his anger in everything else. He was withdrawn, and anti social. He wouldn't talk about it. The only way he could feel better, was to fight. He went and practiced with his swords every day.

When he truly loved someone, he could be open with them. A different side would show through. But, after that, he would go back to how he was before. Rude, cruel, sarcastic ***, no tolerance.

One day, Hermes came to him. Told him about the school. Told Jace that, at the end of his time at the Athenaeum, there would be a tournament. "It's either life or death." Jace thought, "I'm not going to be doing anything better." And agreed. Hermes knew he was a tremendous fighter. Also with the power of wind, he would surely be suffice for the Athenaeum.
Weapon: Sword, he can also handle Bow and Arrow.
Ability: Able to summon a limited amount of wind.
Classes: Swords and Daggers
Battle Strategy
Rituals and Temple Works
Roomate: ?


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Re: Jace

Post by Guest on Mon Jul 26, 2010 9:32 pm

o.O We have all the same classes. Be careful - my brother might think you're interested in me and he'll have... words... with you.

Anyway - welcome Wink


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