Warrior's Lounge - Setting

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Warrior's Lounge - Setting

Post by Mnemosyne on Fri Apr 30, 2010 12:35 pm

The lounge is a large room that is right in-between the two sides of the Warrior's Quarters. The room houses a few chaise longues and one actual human-made completely comfy couch right in front of the fireplace. Since it never gets cold in Haven unless the Gods will it so, the fire is only symbolic and doesn't offer heat unless needed. It's mostly there to be ornamental, though it could be used to send a quick offering or message to the Gods.

There are also a few tables placed along the far walls where Warriors might work on homework that doesn't involve physical activity. There are a few more chairs dotting around the room and one case against the wall where one might put scrolls or books. The windows in this room are large and show a beautiful view of the fields and a part-way view of the lake and the mountains.

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