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Name: Adena Gnaea C. (she hate her third name but because she hadn't have any friend everybody called her Gnaea Crispus)
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Lampad
Sponsor: Hera
Her cress id the symbol of their convention. If she lost it, she dies.
Personality: The most important and main thing is that Adena is sarcastic. Very sarcastic. I mean she would even attack Hera, if it would make her laugh. And that is why the goddess decided to help her. She is left handed, so she don't miss the creativity; but usulally she end up to burn some buildig (within her special heated arrows). She hate every single love moment until she saw her dream-prince (don't konwn yet).
History: Adena was born as a unexpected child. After her birth her human father left her nymph mother who was so hopeless that she left her in the woods. This is where Hecate's nymphes found her. They brought up her with the goal that she will be a perfect servant to their goddess. However when she burned up the half of the palace, they left her in the wood. This is where Hera found her and gave her a 'chance'. She can participate in the Athenaeum of War, and she stays alive, or she dies.
Preferred Weapon: Mainly her unnamed sword. She really would like to use her bow, but she's the biggest antitalentum.
Ability: She use her emerald fire (which is emerald green, because Hera transformed it), with is powerful and undestroyable... just almost unusable (have to got a really powerful fire magic and how to say... Adena is really far from the perfect fire magic).
Rituals and Temple Works
Battle Strategy
Magic: Fire
Healing (i don't really know why... ok, for have some failed moment)
Fightning: Sword and Daggers
Fightning: Archery
Roommate: -

NOTE: She weared this dress when Hera found her. After she changed it to sg easier.


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