Rules of the Athenaeum

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Rules of the Athenaeum

Post by Mnemosyne on Thu Apr 29, 2010 9:33 pm

These are the formal rules to the Athenaeum. In other words, they're the IC rules.
Now, like most other rules, these are meant to be broken >.>
BUT keep in mind, the Group Rules are NOT meant to be broken.

  1. You are to be respectful of the Gods, even if the Gods might not be respectful to you. You are to make an offering once a week to your Sponsor God to thank them for choosing you and to receive their blessing.
  2. You are not to kill another Warrior by any means, doing so will result into banishment from Haven, be you human or other.
  3. Opposite genders in dorms is forbidden after dark. Mixing is forbidden in the Bathhouse at all times as well.
  4. Theft of another's weapons and equipment is heavily punishable.
  5. Fighting is to be done in the Tournament Ring, the Training Square or the Magic Ring, and under supervision.
  6. Certain sections in the Library, Stables and the Mentor's Quarters are off-limits for Warriors.
  7. You are to remain on the Athenaeum grounds.
  8. You are not to mingle with the slaves.

Breaking of the rules will result in punishment chosen either by your Mentor or by the High Priestess herself.

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