Omg, where have I been?

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Omg, where have I been?

Post by Guest on Thu Feb 23, 2012 1:33 pm

I feel absolutely HORRIBLE that I've been...well, really inactive...OTL;;; It's really hard trying to find time to get online, as well as balancing school work for my last year of high school and college crap. D:

HOPE YOU'LL FORGIVE ME. *SOBS* I may be updating Calla's design a bit though. o3o Anyone's opinion on giving her just plain blue eyes rather than the heterochromia...? Idk, I loved it before, but now I'm just

And if anyone wants to start an rp, I'm totally open<3 Um........though it'd probably be easiest to contact me on my dA account ---> EriaHime on deviantART

So yeah, just hit me up for an rp. (:


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