Forever is a long time

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Forever is a long time

Post by Guest on Mon Feb 13, 2012 6:57 pm

The long blue dress like her back show, not afraid to let her scars been seen anymore. Galene had learnt many things the pass few years and one was that she shouldn't judge people by her first impression. After all, if people would know her better, she wasn't like other gorgons... well, not even the librarian was like the other gorgons. At least that's what she thought.

A year had passed since she was in the ballroom. Eisodos was again being celebrated and she was in the balcony, looking for some fresh air and trying to avoid all the dancing. She prefered when somebody else took the iniciative of inviting her in. A year ago, RuairĂ­ had kissed her, just because he could. He didn't know how much it would hurt for a girl, for him to do that.

She sipped some wine and sighed, touching her blindfold. Au contraire from last year, Galene decided not to use a spell on her eyes this time. It was better not to see some things only to feel, hear and touch them.


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