Creativity? What is that?

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Creativity? What is that?

Post by Ruairí on Wed Sep 07, 2011 10:20 am

There was a certain ginger bent in full concentration over a large piece of paper, approximately A3 size, and whiter than the boy would have thought possible. A frown of uncertainty on his face and a paintbrush dripping paint held above it. On the paper was something that looked like a 5-year-olds depiction of a tall ginger-and-blue person standing in front of a Greek building and several other figures next to it. One might be able to distinguish a very greenish person with long white hair, or a figure with what looks like snakes on her head. Perhaps you'd see a blob with goat-like legs and glasses on or a tiny blonde thing with blue wings. A white-haired figure with an eyepatch could also be seen next to a brown-haired woman with black spots all over her body.

All in all, however, it looks like a big mess of paint on paper, with not much distinguishable. You see, the ginger in question, Ruairí had always been a warrior, not an artist. In his clan the warriors warriored and only the druids drew runes. There wasn't a creative bone in Ruairí's body. He was, at his moment, looking with great pride at his masterpiece. He'd been told my Mnemosyne that it might be beneficial for him get some sort of creative outlet, an since musical instruments were altogether far too complicated she'd suggested painting... And painting he had.

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Re: Creativity? What is that?

Post by Achlys Adonia Argyris on Fri Sep 09, 2011 12:51 am

((Just dropping in to say I love you Dutchie XD This just made my night XD))

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