Explosive Amusements

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Explosive Amusements

Post by Guest on Mon Jun 27, 2011 1:34 am

Eri was bored again... which was never good for the rest of the world. She had finished her homework ahead of time for once, a fact that she was very proud of, and had used her extra time to create a batch of what would prove to be rather potent fireworks.

It hadn't really been that difficult when she thought about it. She had some small amount of earth magic, and had used it to find and extract the various minerals she had needed for her experiment. After spending the entire afternoon crafting the materials into a series of rather dull-looking, but very potent fireworks, she had loaded them into her pockets and sauntered towards the mess hall, thrilled to hear the racket of her fellow students coming from it.

As she walked by, she pulled the fireworks out, lit them all with a snap of her fingers, and tossed them through the door without even breaking her stride; continuing down the hall and turning a corner looking the picture of innocence.

(he he... Sorry everyone... A couple people have asked for more Eri Insanity, so here's another Eri post of craziness XD)


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