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Getting accustomed to Empty Getting accustomed to

Post by Guest on Tue May 31, 2011 7:16 pm

Anastasia stood in the shallowest part of the lake that was near the shore. She just stood there, kicking the water from time to time or using her water magic to make little orbs float about then turn to ice falling back into the water. The nereid got bored of standing there and headed to one of the trees, she plopped down on to the ground and stared out into the water. The blueness of the freshwater was captivating and sparkled where the sun hit it. She ruffled her new short hair, still trying to get used to it and picked up the book that sat beside her and opened it up to the first chapter.

((lame title is lame.........but I needed to let the new Anastasia out of the closet, anyone can join if you like))


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