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Re: Research...

Post by Kai on Sun Mar 27, 2011 12:12 am

((Oh sure you can join C: Kai will be nice, she's usually kind and quiet as long as you don't bring up Aphrodite. Which is what Phrix did because he is Phrix *snuggles him*))

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Re: Research...

Post by Guest on Tue Mar 29, 2011 7:17 am

((oh okay C: Phrix you meanie *pats him lightly on the head* DON'T HURT MEH!!))

Chicomecoatl was carrying a lot of scrolls in her arms, attempting to tie them all together with her necklace but alas it failed so she had resorted to been overwhelmed by bits if paper and sharp edges. It was strange carrying her own things, normally she had the village folk and the high priests waiting on her and doing everything for her but the strange wasn't a bad strange it was just...strange.

She had to get back into using her human legs even though nobody seemed opposed to her snakish lower half it made her feel more warm-blooded when she had human legs...even though she was as cold blooded as they come. But if she got mistaken for a slave girl one more time she would be forced to eat someone!

Feeling the scrolls started to slip from her arms and not having anyway of been able to pull them back up she dashed into the corridor between bookshelves toward her savior; a table to splay all these annoying sheets of paper out on....However a person got in her way and her reading material was sent flying as she crashed into him. All she saw was blonde hair before she got floored.


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