Poseidon and Amphitrite Mentor: Anastasia

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Poseidon and Amphitrite Mentor: Anastasia

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Name: Anastasia
Age: 20> (immortal)
Gender: Female
Species: Nereid
Sponsor: Poseidon and Amphitrite

Personality: A very sweet and caring person; Anastasia will stick up for anyone, whether they be fellow mentors or warriors. Especially her warriors. She isn't very serious as other people and loves to joke around having a good time. If she gets a serious warrior you bet she'll try to change them to a go with the flow person. Her skill lies within her beloved spear which won her the Tournament.

History: Anastasia was chosen by Poseidon and Amphitrite becayse she swooped in to save a dying Naiad whose water source was being destroyed. With her ability to manipulate water she held a sphere of it and prayed to the Sea god to preserve it for the water nymph. The Naiad was saved and in doing that she was chosen for the Tournament.
When first arriving at the Haven, many of the other warriors thought that when the Tournament was to begin Anastaia will be a first easy kill; because of her personality and she didn't show much during her classes/training. So when it cam time fot the Tournament she surprised everyone with her waterlike agility to dodge things and her fighting with the spear. What shocked most was that she drowned people with her water abilities.

Primary weapon: Spear
Secondary weapon: Trident
Ability: manipulating water


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