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Septima Severa Saturnina

Post by Septima Severa on Mon Jun 21, 2010 5:55 pm

Name: Septima Severa Saturnina

Note on the name: In Rome you often had 3 names (Sometimes more) the first being the Praenoma, which is only in use for intimate friends and family members, kind of like a nickname. Then the comes the name of your 'clan' and then the family name.
For everyone that's not a close friend she's simply Severa Saturnina, call her Septima and be prepared to regret it.

Age: 19
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Sponsor: Ares

Personality: Septima is an incredibly determined girl. She doesn't take the easy way out and enjoys challenging herself. She tends to keep a level head during battle, partly due to her ability, though she could be quite temperamental at times.. She's very straight to the point and blunt, doesn't help that she doesn't bother with social skills either.

Due to the knowledge of own future besides the Athenaeum Septima is determined to win and stay in Haven, thus erasing her existence in the real world. Due to the same knowledge she's also terrified of herself, and terrified of falling in love. She's incredibly distant and cold to everyone trying to keep them away from her. She's also slightly socially awkward and extremely stubborn.

She holds her lunar necklace in extreme value, especially since knowing of her future, and always wears it. It's a Roman token of an unmarried woman.

History/ Future: Septima Severa was the daughter of a senator, and lived during the reign of Emperor Trajan. She was always a temperamental woman who did what she wanted herself. Her life before the Athenaeum wasn't that special, the normal life of a wealthy Roman woman, parties, gossip and the search for a good husband.

What would have happened, and would still happen if she would lose the Tournament, was what caught the eye of Ares. She was married off to a middle-aged military retiree at the age of 15. Her father thought to reign in the independence and temperance by marrying her off to someone who was very unmoving.

So Marcus Jupitus became her husband, and all the smiles and gentleness disappeared after the wedding night. Marcus beat her regularly, he beats her every month she gets her period and doesn't give him a child. While Marcus has countless bastards running around Septima is practically infertile and no matter how she tries to hide it, he finds out every month anyway.

In the end she does get pregnant and for fear of the baby the beating dies down to just the occasional slap, and she gives birth to a living, yet incredibly frail baby girl named Livia age 17. The beating continues thereafter and she gets pregnant once more. Almost at the end of term, the pregnancy results in a miscarriage because Marcus loses is temper over Livia, who he absolutely can't stand, when Septima is at the end of her 19th year.

After the miscarriage, having held her own dead son in her arms, Septima goes mad. She takes a knife and stabs her husband in that shoulder (Trying to get the heart), head and slices his neck. She then goes into Livia's room and cuts her wrists mumbling that the bad blood needs to go away and then Livia would be better. She was caught cradling the body of her daughter and singing lullabies while her husband laid dead in the other room. She was executed only a week later for murder.

Two years back, Athenaeum time, Ares showed her all this.

Preferred Weapon: Whips
Ability: Great Eyesight: It's better than it sounds. Ares gifted Septime with the ability to keep her head clear during battle and see everything clearly, instead of in a blur as it would usually. This gives Septima a great tactical advantage and time to think as the images would rush into her brain.

Also Note: Septima doesn't have a single gift of magic within her. She tries, but mostly it's no more than a spark.

Fighting: Whips
Fighting: Spears and Axes
Magic: Fire
Weapon Forgery
Battle Strategy
Rituals and Templeworks

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