Oni and Eri Iris

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Oni and Eri Iris

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Name: Oni ad Eri Iris
Age: - 15
Gender: - Male (Oni) Female (Eri)
Species: - Dryad (Oni) Lampad (Eri)
Sponsor: Hestia.

Preferred Weapons: - (Oni) Daggers and Whips (Eri) Swords and a glaive
Abilities: - Oni: Uses his earth magic as a healing agent by channeling some of his own lifeforce or power into the subject.
Eri: Whereas Oni uses his earth magic to give life-force Eri can use her fire-magic to drain life-force from her victim (may change this)

Fighting: Oni = whips/swords and daggers
Eri = Swrods and daggers/pole arms
Magic: Fire and Earth
Last class: Battle Strategy
Rituals and Temple works

Meet the twins, Oni and Eri. They hail from the steampunk version of Victorian England, and are the only children of the train line tycoon John Iris and his lovely wife Isabel Iris.
Though the family is not by any means filthy rich, they are reasonably wealthy, and the twins have always been well cared for.
Oni, the elder twin, was always a very quite young man who did everything he could to please his parents... Everything, that is, except to take responsibility for the future of his father's company. He was more interested in pursuing a medical career, since he had discovered that his earth magic gave him the power to heal. He has been the only force that has ever even come close to controlling his less-than easy to manage "little" sister Eri.
Eri, the younger (though taller) twin, has never been a very well-behaved child. Outspoken and entirely un-lady-like, her mother grieves over her, fearing that she will never marry. Eri has always had a bad habit of getting into fights and being far to outspoken for a woman of her time. She detests her position in life and her parent for enforcing it. She was given dance lessons as a child to try and channel some of her "excess energy" into a lady-like occupation, but to no avail. Though, to this day, she is a splendid dancer, she is still as obnoxious and outgoing as ever.

Now for the interesting bit...Ever since Oni told his father he would not be taking control of the railroad, Eri has been regularly sneaking into the train yards dressed as a boy to use her fire magic in the forges and learn about the business and using her know-how to try and impress her father in hopes that he would allow her to take control of the company.
Alas, her father decided to strike up a deal with a business friend. He would give control of the railroad to his friend's son, as long as the young man agree to marry Eri. Eri, infuriated, demanded and begged for her father to reconsider, but he would hear nothing of it, and her mother refused to bring up the subject at all, happy to have her daughter finally betrothed.

Eri then decided to take matters into her own hands and challenged her new fiance to a duel while dressed as a boy. Both Eri an Oni had receive training in various types of fencing, but Eri was generally the better swordsman. Unfortunately, she was not good enough to beat the young man and the fight left her critically injured. Oni managed to find her and heal her in time, but the effort nearly killed him. He had never performed such a difficult feat in healing before, so he had never noticed that every time he heal anyone, he literally gives them some of his life-force. A strange birth defect no doubt.

Thus Oni pursues his medical career in the hopes of finding a cure for his malady and has become severely protective of Eri. He is determined to protect her from anything... including herself. Hestia decided to sponsor them based on magic, intellect, and healing skill in Oni's case, and swordsmanship, guttsiness, and raw, brute savagery in Eri's case. Oni was not very interested in coming and leaving behind their parents, but came to keep Eri in line.


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