Adelphie, Warrior of Zeus

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Adelphie, Warrior of Zeus

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 16, 2011 9:04 pm

Name: Adelphie
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Species: Nephelae Pleiad
Sponsor: -Zeus

Personality: Adelphie is a bit of a smart-ass, she's incredibly smart and loves to be right. She's literally lived her entire life in the Athenaeum, and so she had a rather curious childhood. This does mean that warriorism has been branded into her, she's watched warriors prepare for the tournament countless of times, watched lessons and the athenaeum has become a part of her.

She has an incredibly possessive personality. She can't just like something, she has to completely love something, know everything about it. She clings to things and has 'stages' of obsessions, like the time she was obsessed by Shakespeare and spent days in the library reading his plays (Age 11), or the time she was obsessed with the rococo times and fashioned herself a huge white fluffy wig that she wore at all times (Age 9).

This obsession also stretches to Zeus. She'd so anything for Zeus, and defend him at any time, no matter the counter-argument. He can do no wrong in her eyes.

She's also extremely curious, something that comes from her lust of knowledge. If you're holding out on her be prepared to be pestered until you give in.

Adelphie holds grudges like none other. She's prideful (very much like Zeus) and when you hurt her pride, she won't quickly forgive you. This is also the reason why she's been angry with her mother since the last year. Mnem won't tell her anything about her father besides that he was a Nephelae, and this angers her like none other.


Adelphie's story starts at her birth.

Mnemosyne fell in love like she always does, this time with one of Zeus' Nephelae, who are notorious for being sweet and screwing around, much like their master. Mnem got pregnant, the Nephelae left her, and Mnem was left heartbroken and scared. It was her first child so naturally she was freaking out.

Mnemosyne sat out her pregnancy in despair, heartbroken and holding a grudge against all Nephelae. Her hormonal unstable state left her praying to the gods that her child would not end up like its father. At the time the Gods were still cross with her for the rumors that she won the tournament by deceit, albeit not her own, so none answered her prayer. Mnem kept praying until one Goddess did answer, Artemis, who was sympathetic to women who had been wronged by men.

Long story short, Mnemosyne went through a difficult and painful birth, only to discover that the child was indeed of Nephelae blood. In her anger (And still very hormonal and unstable state) she begged Artemis to take the child for she wanted nothing to do with any Nephelae. Artemis took pity on her and blessed the girl, turning the Nephelae blood into Pleiad blood, a kind of nymph that can only be created by Artemis' blessing.

Naturally the bitter anger toward Nephelae stopped when the cursed hormones left her body, Mnem would have loved the child no matter what she was, mother's instinct would have made certain of that.

A long time passes and the Gods got reminded (By a yet unknown perpetrator) of Mnemosyne's "crime" in her not winning her tournament quite so honestly. There were a few Gods especially angry with her, Zeus, whose warrior she defeated in the finals, especially. He decided to take revenge through her daughter.

Zeus bestowed her with gifts and promised she'd be famous, she would win the tournament for him. He talked of glory and honor and the wonders of battle. And she fell for him, fell for him like a brick. She knew it was wrong, she heard the stories and she's far from stupid, but she was a 16-year-old girl, and she'd have done anything for him. She entered the tournament for him.

Oh how she loves him.

Preferred Weapon: Crossbow

Ability: Talents for wind and water magic (The former being average, the latter being completely untrained) and glow-in-the-dark hair.


- Rituals and Templeworks
- Archery
- Swords
- Wind Magic
- Water Magic
- Mathematics

Roommate: -


- When Adelphie says "The Sari is coming off" you're in trouble. She never fights with her Sari on.

- Said Sari was a gift she got from a warrior she befriended when she was 14. The thing doesn't entirely resemble a Sari anymore because she got her hands on a pair of scissors, but she still calls it that anyway.

- Her hair and eyes glow in the dark, the stronger the moon the stronger the glow. Her hair only changes when the moon shines on it, though her eyes glow with any absence of sunlight.


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Re: Adelphie, Warrior of Zeus

Post by Guest on Sun Jan 16, 2011 9:59 pm

So cute!


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