Apollo & Hestia's Mentor: Mnemosyne

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Apollo & Hestia's Mentor: Mnemosyne

Post by Mnemosyne on Thu May 20, 2010 12:43 pm

Name: Mnemosyne
Age: She stopped counting after a few hundred years.
Gender: Female
Species: Dryad to a Fire Lily (Or Orange Lily)
Sponsor: She is Mentor for Apollo mainly and Hestia secondarily.

Personality: Mnemosyne is a very sweet woman with a great deal of patience. This makes her the ideal spokesperson for the Gods, simply because she knows how to handle it. She can be extremely motherly as well as having a great maternal instinct which is not always limited to her own children. Overall she cares deeply for her students as well as for the people she directs. She even cares for the servants and sees that they don't come to any harm either.

Mnemosyne has a weakness for men, she'd be the first to tell you that. She is easily wooed and has more than enough experience with being left soon after she starts to give a man all of herself. She's been left more times than she can count, but she deals with it in a prideful matter. Over time she has lost her hope that there will be someone who would stay with her, but that doesn't make her any harder a prey.

Mnemosyne is also good at directing people, one of the reasons she runs the Athenaeum as High Priestess in the first place. She has a woman's reason along with the logic that is required for someone who has to manage a whole school full of young people with their own minds. She might look innocent to you, but really, she's not.

History: Mnemosyne was one of the more unexpected winners of the Tournament. In fact, no one ever banked on her winning. She was a Warrior of Hestia's, who was known not to pick her Warriors through skill, but through how much she liked them. Hestia liked Mnemosyne a great deal, she was a fresh girl who showed promise in being a great woman some day. Mnemosyne was never a great fighter, sure she was a great archer as Dryads normally were, but there were so many other great archers before her.

Really, in the end it was pure luck that did it. Mnemosyne had been fighting with a dagger through the rounds which was a surprise, most Warriors didn't fight with daggers. the surprise along with some luck that might have gotten people to wonder if there was cheating involved, she was able to checkmate every opponent she faced. Some tripped and some simply left their guard down at the right moments, but alas, Mnemosyne was victorious. She chose for immortality and lived in great luxury of the fame.

At one point in time Apollo started to pursue her, as he often did nymphs, though rarely did he succeed. This time he did, knowing Mnemosyne's weakness for falling in love. He stayed with her for a summer of coming and going and in the end he convinced her to become a Mentor and to take care of his Warriors for him. After that he left her alone, leaving her lonely but still doing what he had asked her to. She started teaching Rituals and Temple Works to the Warriors and became the primary Mentor of Apollo. Later when one of the other Mentors died (She had not accepted immortality and so was mortal still), Mnemosyne took up the mentoring of her original Sponsor, Hestia as well, until someone else could take it up again.

All through the years of her teaching Mnemosyne had been falling in love over and over again. Naturally she got pregnant more than once only to have the father run away again, leaving her with 2 children of different fathers. One of which was Apollo, who returned to her again every once in a while.

Preferred Weapon: Archery and a dagger
Ability: weaker magic over flowers.
Teaches: Rituals and Temple Works along with handling all the formal affairs with the Gods.

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