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Name: Tommo
Age: 18 (Year 4)
Gender: Male
Species: Pegasus
Sponsor: Apollo

Personality: Tommo's greatest asset is his speed. While at first he didn't use it for anything other than delivering messages, he realized soon enough that it was perfect for making a quick getaway- and thus began his pranking career. He's mischievous, cocky, loud, impulsive, and obnoxiously proud of his Pegasus heritage, but he has a sensitive side too. When someone he cares about [or even just a stranger he can identify with] is facing a difficult situation, he does his best to comfort them. It's hard to earn his loyalty [and even harder to figure out that you've got it once you have], but if you can earn his respect, he'll do anything for you.

History: Separated from his parents in a blizzard when he was only four months old, Tommo would've died of frostbite if he hadn't been discovered by the god of the northwest wind. Skeiron took pity on the young Pegasus and raised him as his own, training him in flight so he could one day become a messenger of the gods.

Skeiron took his protégé to the court of Boreas, god of the north wind and king of the Anemoi, at the age of fifteen. There, he was to complete his training among the most elite pegasi and venti in the world. Boreas recognized his potential, and was willing to tolerate a few pranks over the years, but when he discovered his relationship with his daughter Khione, it was the last straw. Boreas was enraged, saying that a mortal had no right to love a goddess, and banished him from Hyperborea.

As a celestial being, Apollo was often involved in the affairs of the Four Winds, and recognized Tommo's potential. He offered the Pegasus a chance as his Warrior, and he accepted instantly. Tommo dreams of attaining immortality through the Tournament, in the hopes that Boreas will approve of his new status and accept him as a true messenger of the gods and maybe let him hook up with Khione in the process.

Preferred Weapon: The bow he calls Chióni (χιόνι), which means snow. Khione charmed it so that as long as he has it on hand, he will remain unaffected by the temperature and/or weather conditions he's flying in. It only works for him, and if he loses it, it will return within seconds. She wanted to make sure he would always return from his journeys safely. [He still has to use a regular quiver and traditional hand-made arrows, though.]

Ability: He has a natural affinity for ice/water magic, strengthened by years of training with Skeiron, and later Khione. While Skeiron also attempted to teach him wind magic, it's never been his strong point. Tommo really just uses his gifts to manipulate the weather for safe flight while delivering messages. While it's not a magical ability, it's important to note that he's also one of the fastest fliers around.

[He also has a secret love of music, and a great singing voice, but he's a little embarrassed about his love of the arts when his mentors were all so battle-centric. The only person he knew back at Hyperborea who enjoyed music was Khione, and it was one of the reasons their friendship began in the first place.]


Fighting [Archery]
Fighting [Hand-to-Hand]
Magic [Water]
Magic [Wind]
Battle Strategy
Mythology and History
Rituals and Temple Works


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Post by Achlys Adonia Argyris on Tue Nov 02, 2010 12:55 am


~This is wanting something; this is reaching for it. This is wishing that a moment would arrive. This is taking chances, this is almost touching what the beauty is.~

For those who haven't met Damien (Addi's water puppet), this is what he looks like (possibly... not necessarily finalized yet Wink )
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