The Stables - Setting

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The Stables - Setting

Post by Mnemosyne on Tue May 18, 2010 12:36 pm

The stables are giant wooden building that are almost as tall as the Main Structure itself. There are two entrances to it, and two sections. On the far left are the doors to the public sections and on the far left is where it is Mentors Only.

The Warrior's section is where you can store all kind of animals, not just steeds. There are always some of the Athenaeum's own animals present but if you are able to catch yourself a creature and tame it then you're allowed to store it in the Stables. There are always some horses present, and even some of Artemis' deer are to be found in the stables every now and then.

The Mentors Only section is strictly forbidden to Warriors and the punishment for trespassing is severe. It is the place where dangerous creatures are stored and also the reason that the Stables are so tall. And kind of creature stored here will either be used for a lesson or for a tournament or is so dangerous that it is temporarily stored until the Mentors find a way to deal with it. Anything could be in there from Hellhounds to Hydra, it is therefore not uncommon to hear slightly disturbing sounds from this particular structure.

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