Jericho & Phoenix Lambourne

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Jericho & Phoenix Lambourne

Post by Guest on Fri Oct 15, 2010 4:20 pm

Name: Jericho (black) and Phoenix (White) Lambourne

Age: 17 ( 3rd year)

Gender: Males

Species: Pegasus

Sponsor: Zeus (P) and Hera (J)

Personality: The worse pair of pranksters ever, clearly not caring who they step on to get a good laugh. Sometimes rude but can be caring but that’s rare even so they aren’t heartless.

History: The twins were born to a mortal mother and a Pegasus father of course. Their mother being a poor woman at the time had to work hard in order to make sure her children were fed and well dressed. (More over to hide their wings from any wondering eyes) Their father had long since left, leaving her along with the task of having to raise them. It was years before he returned to discover that she had remarried. In rage of jealousy he killed both her husband and her taking the boys who were 9 at the time with him. Raising twins was no easy task as he saw and so left them in charge of the many women he would woo. A stable home was no more and constant change of residence was something the boys had come used to. By the time they were 15, the boys and their hormones began to boom. They began dating and falling in love. Daddy however, did not approve of this at all. The more the boys began to grow and fall in love, the more hate he felt over women. They were nothing but lying cheating whores in his eyes. One night the boys discovered just how much their father disapproved of their love for another. Before them he killed both females in the most brutal way. This was his warning to the two of them, should they ever…EVER…make the mistake of falling in love this would be the price to pay. At 16 it was Jericho who did that very mistake, not only causing the death of the young woman but also the most brutal of beatings he could ever receive. Nix was also caught into his punishment as a warning.

It was one day , finally, that father went off to do whatever it was he did, leaving the twins to celebrate their 17th birthday on their own. It was there Zeus and Hera appeared before them, finding it fun to get a pair of twins into Athenaeum and so they went without uttering a word to daddy dearest.

Preferred Weapon: Spear


Spears and axes /Archery
Fire(P) Earth(J)/ Healing
Mythology and History
Rituals and Temple Work


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Re: Jericho & Phoenix Lambourne

Post by Guest on Fri Oct 15, 2010 4:47 pm

I swear i hate that father. *glares* but i love them <3


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Re: Jericho & Phoenix Lambourne

Post by Achlys Adonia Argyris on Fri Oct 15, 2010 9:13 pm


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Re: Jericho & Phoenix Lambourne

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