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Group Rules

Post by Guest on Wed Apr 28, 2010 6:50 pm

Rules for joining are as follows:
  1. Make a character, preferably on the character sheet, and submit it to the group! Please check to make sure that the spot you chose is still open though, or your submission won't be granted! You can check for any open spots here.
  2. Join the group!
  3. Read up on the history behind the group, it makes roleplaying and creating your character easier.
  4. Register for an account on the forums, where you're at :B Use your character's name for your account. If you have more than one character, you'll need to register more than once, for each character.
  5. Get out there and start roleplaying!

Rules as far as behavior in the group are as follows:
  1. No trolling or flaming.
  2. If you encounter a troll either here or on DA, DON'T FEED THE TROLL >:U
  3. Be fairly active.
  4. Be literate, this is a big thing. I want 'you' 'are' and 'for' not 'u' 'r' and '4'. This is especially a big thing when you're roleplaying. (I deleted the example woops e.e)
  5. Respect the admins. You wouldn't even have this forum if it weren't for us >:U
  6. Roleplay responsibly. Refer to the How to Roleplay Sticky if you don't know how to roleplay or are still kinda new to roleplaying.

    Roleplaying responsibly not only involves being literate, but not god-moding, not being entirely in control of the roleplay, realizing the other person may have a life, etc.

  7. This list will be updated as we figure out the forum :B

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